Saturday, February 12, 2011



I can get over you
‘cause I barely knew you
Almost two years and all you did was hide
I wanted to find out
what was behind that blank stare in your eyes
It was too late to undo
when you stopped caring how I felt deep inside
You slowly pushed me aside
I readily gave you kisses and held you tight
I fell out of love with you
when the relationship was just me, myself, and I
I was tired of wanting to try
The loneliness had taken away my desire to sleep
No one to hold me or love me
As I slept beside you in anger, I continued to cry
I was not ready to say goodbye
I waited for you to show me the littlest of signs
But something was not right
I was not even close to the top on your list of priorities
It was me against your world!
I was at the bottom where I did not deserve to be
I am already over you
‘cause there was no way
I would still choose you
when you had no clue what you were about to lose

I walked through the hall and I faked a smile cuz you walked way ahead of me and couldn’t wait awhile. Your friends said we look cute together but they didn’t really know deep down my heart was dying because your feelings never showed. You think you're a very good actor but I'm positive that I'm a better one cuz I was able to see passed the charm and rehearsed lines and finally say, CUT!