Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Just because...[I'm alone, I feel lonely, etc.]
...DOES NOT mean I'm unlovable

a thought is just that:

In order to be OK
with others,
[yeah, I'm talking to you =]
to be
with yourself

No one can help you BUT yourself
No one can love you LIKE yourself
No one will do anything FOR you
cuz you're Using them
as a way to HEAL your wounds

[It's also selfish and too much pressure
for the person on the receiving end]

we have all been
f**ked .over.
f**ked .with.
so learn from it
open your eyes
open your mind
cuz something good
came from IT
if you don't see it yet
you'll see it
when history repeats ITSELF

it took me 10 years
R.I.P. insecure me at the young age of 13

Wise Words From My Wise Elders:
DrOp iT
LeT iT gO
SnAp OuT oF iT

all have IT in it
cuz that IT is insignificant
when you think about it
actually don't think about IT!

“To Regret Or Not To Regret”
[March 8, 2011]

Sometimes I wish I could've read people’s minds.
So I didn’t have to analyze what they thought or not.
And see whether I should’ve given them another chance or not

But I have to remind myself that I did what was best for me.
I did all that I could with the resources I had available.
It’s okay to regret not holding on a little bit longer

But I wasn’t fond of the loud insecurity that crept up in my mind.
Wondering and worrying if others knew something I didn’t.
I wanted to be that person they could confide in.

I don’t regret trying new things and feeling this alive.
I don’t regret re-connecting with my old friends.
Talking to new people who I learn from and inspire.

Taking the time out to take care of my needs.
Instead of taking over the conversation, listening to someone.
Hearing them speak and for the first time getting to know the real me <3

"This Too Shall Pass"

I broke up with him cuz I was tired of the routine.
The last few months were rough on my self-esteem.
I tried almost anything to get that connection back.
But there was something in us we both lacked [love].

I told him how he made me feel, he got defensive.
I was mad at myself but he wasn’t comprehensive.
I got louder, and he didn’t know what to say or do.
I’m sorry for the anguish I must have put him through.

He watched television while I drifted off to sleep.
He played games in order to distract his feelings.
He stared at females and interrupted my speaking.
He continued doing him, that’s why I had to do me.

"...every woman is in me
Fall back and just let me be"
“Please” - Toni Braxton

I LiVe for the SunSet
I see all my loved ones
who passed away
 smiling at me
+ Jesus Christ +
The Purest Love


  1. "He continued doing him, that’s why I had to do me."

    I love that ending.

  2. lol i learned that from one of Eve's songs