Sunday, May 29, 2011

Long-Distance Relationships: Better, Stronger, Healthier?

"Do we need distance to get close?" - Carrie from Sex & The City

I want to re-create
what I had 10 years ago.
I’m stuck in the past,
get me out!
To go from a caring person
at the age of 14,
to an emotional person
at the age of 17,
to an emotionless person
at the age of 21
makes me want to go
back to square one.
We argued but at least
we fought to keep
our relationship alive.
There's not enough
of that.
There's too much pride. Why?

Lovey dovey, sappy happy.
I don’t want an emotional stable
nor an emotional unstable person,
someone in between.
Not a crybaby, not a hardass,

It's Like Magic...

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