Monday, May 9, 2011


They didn't mean to hurt me. I hurt myself. I've been my #1 enemy. I don't relax, I play chess in my head instead.

When I’m sad, I remind myself that I have the power to control my emotions; so, I smile and live in the moment.

I want to run with you like a kid in the rain, and let you know that getting my feet wet doesn't make me afraid.

The more I know what I want, the more I’ll figure out who I want to keep, and who needs to leave.

Being able to embrace your vulnerability is one form of accepting yourself.

I know people aren’t all the same, but the similarities are undeniable.

Just friends, nothing less, nothing more. Don’t like it, close the door.

I was afraid of the ending, but now I’m excited for the beginning.

You have to experience the pain in order to enjoy the gain.

I don’t lie. I just change my mind...a lot!

If you don’t try, why should I...right?

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