Friday, June 17, 2011


“The Real Me”

When things get heavy, I leave.
When things get tough, I want to give up.
I laughed to compensate for the sadness.
Now I stay silent and dwell in happiness.
I never knew how flakey and fake I was,
but then again, I didn’t want to be vulnerable,
show my weakness and have people dismiss it.
I didn't know many who would give me reason,
or be bold enough to tell me I could stay.
I’m grateful for the few who saw things in me,
and years later are around to see the real me.
They saw the good, the hurt, the confused.
Sometimes I wanted to shut the world out,
but I would miss out on these friendships,
and the possibility of a loving relationship.
I didn’t want to be back to where I started
when I was in my room all broken-hearted.
As hesitant as I am of diving in the unknown,
I really don’t want to be successful on my own.
I want someone I can share things with and hold,
who can keep me warm when I’m frickin' cold,
who will be proud when I‘m up on my cloud,
who can be my rock when I hit rock bottom.

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