Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where My Rage Comes From

The child in me was hurt, wants to give up, receive love, and be taken care of.
The teenager in me was sad, wants to have fun, drop her stuff, and not give a what.
The adult in me stays mad, wants to put me first, work, school, family, friends, then love.

What did I ever see in you?
Back then because I was naïve,
I thought you were so cool.
I wanted to be like you.
Now that I’m aware,
you act like such a fool.
In my dreams, I hate you.
Who the f**k are you?

He’s doing things to impress me.
And I’m thinking he’s crazy.
Why can’t he just be him?
He can't, he doesn't know who he is.
For some reason, I want to show him.

You could be a good guy or a good girl,
but the way you go about it seems quite the opposite.
You were into me, but now you act like you don’t care.
So I lost all hope. Let me know when you need me.
Don't take too long 'cause I don't know if I'll be there.

I’m tired of taking care of everyone.
I wanna be taken care of but there’s no one.
So I’ll throw my hands up in the air
as if they were wings and fly like a dove.

I was possessed;
Confused it for love
when it was just lust.
Never again!
Never will I fall in love
with a man's cold heart
and hands.

I need new friends. No offense.
You tried to do your best,
but your worst you throw at me
yet give your best to the rest.

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