Sunday, January 15, 2012

Why Not to Be Too Needy, Sensitive and Selfish...

Cuz in this world of instability, you need some sort of STABILITY.

I love my mom and gravitated to wacky people like her,
but for me, wacky won't get me anywhere but petty arguments
'cause I'm never sure how they feel about me and vice versa.
It's like they twist my words around and make it seem
like I hurt their feelings and it's very tiring to try to justify
every act and word. Glad to say I respect my father so much
more than before cuz although my mom left him so many times
cuz of her insecurities, he always took her back and made an effort
to do things differently as to not repeat history. He's the calm, my mom is the storm.

I appreciate people who don't just say it, but do change for the better.
If you can't pick yourself up off the ground, how will I be sure that
you won't try to kick me when I'm down...just to have somebody around?
I think if you trust in those few people who have seen you grow up and blossom,
seen your strengths and weaknesses and are still there; that you won't ever feel the need
to argue but to talk it out. But If I talk and pour my heart out, and you don't listen or reply,
F U for leaving me hanging. You'll see how it feels one day and you won't like it, but you can't be mad!

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