Monday, January 16, 2012

I Was The Bad Girl...Who F**ked Over The Good Ones...After The Bad Ones F**ked Me Over

The bad girl/bad boy veins will boil when they get mad
at you for not doing what they want,
and you give them no reaction =D
Stop control right in it’s tracks!!!
I am the GOOD girl...
who turned BAD...
then changed for GOOD!

You would think that the person
with the most control in a partnership
is the one who controls his/her emotions.
Nope, it’s the person who doesn’t know how to
and blames everyone for their reactions.
They use their emotions to get their way
in every situation in THEIR favor.
They play the victim (pity me).
How do I know? That was me.
No, I don‘t pity those
who only come to me
when THEY need something.
I don’t think so.
Get up and get yourself a life.
Cuz when I reached out to you and
wanted to talk/have you listen to me,
you didn't respond/left me for the
people YOU cared about
and failed to realize
I blindly cared about you
more than I cared about myself.
Why are you jealous
that my family and friends
are here for me
when YOU played me?
Did you really expect me
to fall to pieces 'cause of you?!
I got better things to do
that don't include
close-minded people like you.
Oh please, get off your high horse.
I'm free of your necessities.
You didn't pick up your
side of the bargain.
Now they are picking up your slack.
Now I roll with those I care about
and care about me equally.
Unfortunately, it's not you
and you can't be mad,
but you will and you'll cry
cuz being over 21 does not
deem you an adult
when you still
think and behave
like a baby...

No, you haven't changed.
You're still the pitiful b*tch
that you were when I first met you.

I took you back too many times,
and you still didn't believe
I would have risked my life;
taken a bullet for you.
Why? When I know you wouldn't
get up your lazy ass and do it for me.
No, you're not worth it "baby".

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