Friday, February 3, 2012

How to Treat Caring People

Like a child, I suffered from separation anxiety.
Now that I have a better understanding of it,
when I walk away from children and the elderly,
who are happy to see me, but feel sad when I leave,
I say, “Don’t forget me, I won’t forget you.”
Sometimes I think couples and friends

should exchange those words, too.
They world would be a better place
but I forget that so many people
are used to holding grudges
and not knowing how to swallow their pride.
It's like no one taught them that sometimes
people don't mean to intentionally hurt others.
Also, did anyone teach anyone to forgive?

No one told me or reassured me by saying,

"It's going to be okay," or "You're going to be okay,"
when someone I knew moved or worse, passed away.
I equated moving as death like never seeing their face.
I had family, friends, boyfriends not 
explain they'd be back.
They disappeared for years and I felt so guilty.
I blamed myself as if I had done something wrong
and that’s why from time to time,
I have to hide away and let go of these tears.
The more I’ve let my guard down,
the more the men in my life refused to see or hear
how I suffered; their behavior
re-opened old wounds.
It happened when someone would say nice things,
but then all of a sudden act like they didn't want me near.

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