Sunday, April 1, 2012

Love or Addiction?

Certain love songs make love seem
like it’s supposed to be an addiction.
No wonder we are co-dependent.
No wonder people feel twice as hurt.
You’re left empty wanting more
but your drug is nowhere to be found.
Then you start going through withdrawal.
Your drug went to go find his or her high,
possibly in another, possibly in themselves.
If it’s in another, that may or may not be bad
depending who or what is really going down.
If it’s themselves, that’s perfectly normal.

Love is NOT an addiction.
Love is trust…ing yourself.
That no matter what, you will be fine.

Was listening to Cold Play “The Scientist” when I wrote this:

I’ve been having long…deep…
conversations about expectations and control.
And I realized that what we give is what we get in return.
We say we don’t want people to expect but we expect! Grr
We say we don’t want people to control but we control! Grr
And I just want to start fresh, no expectations, no control.
I don’t know how to go about it but I will let you guys know.
Once I stop expecting too much from myself
and trying to control all the changes around me,
I think I’ll be good. *crosses fingers*

You want me to be like you
so you sit on my heart
to try to get me to feel.
I want you to be like me
so I sit on your mind
to try to get you to think.

You want to hold me close.
Is it for me to lose myself in you,
or for you to lose yourself in me?
Do you want me to depend on you
so strength you gain,
or do you want to depend on me
to diminish your pain?

I want to hold you far.
I don’t want you to see my scars
‘cause when it gets hard,
I tragically fall apart.
The beat of my heart is so loud.
I want you to be strong now.
Pick yourself up off the ground
And listen to the sound
Of your steps rising above the crowd.
More smiles, less frowns.

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