Monday, September 17, 2012


I just got his text and my heart jumped. I get this angst when I don’t get his text. He’s my boyfriend so I shouldn’t be worried, right? But then again, shouldn’t I be worried ‘cause he is my boyfriend?

We’ve been together for 3 years and change. We went through a break-up, but we count the time we weren‘t together. Why? He wanted to, and I didn‘t disagree with it. I believe it makes it easier; better.

I was still in love with him throughout
the whole year we were apart.
I couldn’t just take him out of my heart.
All that hate I harbored for his behavior
towards me at the end of our relationship
was anger in my mind
but love resonated from the start.

He means a lot to me 'cause he's not just my boyfriend, he's my best friend at the same time. Our relationship has surpassed friendships and relationships. He's the longest relationship and friendship I've ever had. We're soulmates; plain and simple.

I was never good at keeping friends or friends were never good at keeping me? All I know is that I was meant to love and be loved. I got lucky some may say, but I lucked out when it came to having a support network outside of my family that could last longer than a year and a half, and a job I could hold longer than nine months.

I believe that some people are either better at having boyfriends or having friends. I'm better at having boyfriends. If you have both great friends and a wonderful boyfriend, you're extremely lucky in my eyes.

The generation I grew up around seem to be better at having friends.They all went to public school where people were more talkative and mischievous then disciplined and studious. I went to private school and was that good little quiet girl who didn't want to disappoint her already dysfunctional and argumentative parents. I would do anything; be anybody I forced myself to be just to not get hit for making a mistake or yelled at for failing a class.

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