Wednesday, November 12, 2014

The Life of This Single 27 Yr. Old Dancer

Trigga Squat

Phallic Symbol

If you're sexy & you know it, show it

Tight Calves

Ballet Stretch

Straight Hair & Hoop Earrings

Thermal & Bikini Bottom

The pic all guys wanted

Squatting on the sink while doing my hair

Twerk class aka "cardio class" aka "fitness class" aka shake my @$$ class!!!

Trying on bras in Victoria's Secret

End of Photoshoot #2

Photoshoot #1

Photoshoot #2

Spanish Eyes

Being Silly

Batman Forever

Birthday Cake from coworkers

Ballet & Contemporary Moves

Ballet Arm Extension

I'm high on myself

Heels @ a lounge

On the LIRR to see a concert


Yoga Move = Contemporary


Lean Mean Fighting Machine

Dress I cut & made into a crop top

My disguise


In the train station

New Clothes

RiRi style

It's just me, myself & I on this ride

He got me on FaceTime like

I love how I'm thin yet thick in the right places

Don't underestimate the power of a fearless woman

Eye see you, do you see me hanging on?

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