Wednesday, December 31, 2014

"Dope Boys" [Poem]

They love saying dope;
platanos & their facial hair
know how to keep my legs in the air.

Their big juicy lips;
I believe biting them down 
will help take away their frown.

His sad eyes won't leave my mind.
I wish I could put the light back in
but he keeps me at a distance.

They stay looking dope.
Goya beans have passionate eyes
that still keep me awake late at night.

They are so aggressive.
Hold me down and wrap their arms
around my curves keeping me calm.

His kisses won't leave my lips.
He told me to take it slow
and I freely gave it a go.

I'm not naming names
cuz these triflin' hoes want to have you only cuz I had.
I'm not naming names
cuz these triflin ' hoes aren't as good
as me when playing bad.

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