Thursday, January 1, 2015

"She Cheated on Me" [Poem]

She cheated on me;
that's what they tell me.
How many times are you
going to lie to me?
Why can't you tell me
that you cheated first
and she only cheated
to get back at you?
Why do you take it out on me?
I had nothing to do with it!

Why am I caught up in between?
I'm here to love you, to be loyal
to give you what you need;
what you said she couldn't give you
but it's not enough, obviously.
You're at the club staring
at a phat ass 'cause that's what's in,
although you claimed you liked thin.

I'm at home alone watching tv
and thinking you are tuned
into Grey's Anatomy just like me.
I'm thinking you're faithful
while you're liking pictures
that you told me I couldn't
put up on InstaGram or Facebook.
You have a picture and a video
that you saved on your iPhone; whoa!

I watched as she rubbed her hiney
on the man that can't keep
his dick in his pants;
a man I wanted to marry!
You're deadass pissing on me,
my friends and my family
'cause you're playing me
like a musical instrument.
You say you love me
but where's the intimacy;
the goddamn commitment?
You wouldn't know about it!
I'm dissing all these fellas
looking for a pass at my ass;
the one you used to
have no problem publicly
trying to slap and grab.

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