Thursday, January 1, 2015

"True Story" [Poem]

My Version:
I dreamt of her;
the girlfriend you loved
but killed 'cause she was leaving.
Yes, that night I saw
your face in my head.
I woke up and saw the paper
that read the blonde hair,
blue-eyed, white girl was dead.
I wanted to scream out loud.
I wanted to scratch your eyes out,
but you're in prison for murder now
and she's in a better place somehow.

Her Version:
I told you I was leaving.
I was tired
of your jealously
and possessiveness.
I'm a mess
but you don't seek help.
You're depressed
and taking us to hell
so I turned my back.
That's when you drew
the knife in your hand.
You had no problem
taking a stab at my back.
Who knew loving you
would kill me literally?
I should've spent that time
listening to my friend's advice:
"Girl, he doesn't love you.
He's playing nice
'cause he controls you
and that's a fact.
He's dark deep down
putting on an act."

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