Monday, February 2, 2015

"Restless" [Poem]

I'm lonely again 'cause it's Sunday.
It's odd how I'm most restless on God's day of rest.
I'm lonely waking up next to you 'cause I don't feel
your hand wrapped around my waist.
I turn to look back and I don't see your face.
I wish you could feel what it's like to be in my place.

I'm lonely waking up without you. It's just me on this bed.
Sometimes I sleep on my side. Sometimes I sleep on yours.
Sometimes I sleep in the middle. Right now I sleep on the couch.
Sometimes I sleep in their house. I never let anyone lay or sleep
on your side. Now that I think about it; it's been so long
that I moved the bed and threw out the mattress that I can't even
remember which one was your side; the left or the right? *smiles*

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