Monday, February 2, 2015

"Sunday" [Poem]

It's Sunday night. My back aches.
I got chest pains. Wish I could spend
but I have to save. On the couch I lay.

I yearn to talk to someone.
I have no one genuinely
into me the way I was when
I was in love with you.

I cry remembering the plans I used to
be excited to make. Lonely so I have to
plan for the future. Unfortunately this time
it doesn't include you. I cry thinking about
the last new guy I was with. He helped me
forget you by the way he kissed.

I was on his bed. He put the T.V. on
but when he turned his back,
I saw you; same tank top and boxers.

So many tears quickly and warmly
fall down now since he wasn't you.
He didn't make me feel safe and calm.
I was scared. I was losing my dignity
to prove I could be a man; do what you do,
act like I never needed you but it's not true.

When we had sex, I didn't even think
about you. It was like looking at my
reflection. He made me feel good,
but in no way, shape or form could he
compare to you. But someone could
outdo you so I went back to last year's boo.

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