Thursday, February 5, 2015

Thou Shall Not Steal

Thou Just Did...

1) I grew up watching her steal money from her father, from her mother, from me.
2) I grew up watching her steal our sleep by keeping us awake at night with her anger.
3) I grew up watching them steal her cigarettes.
4) I grew up watching her steal our prized possessions and throw them in the garbage.
4) I grew up watching T.V. shows and movies where children, adults and the elderly stole from each other all the time.
5) She stole the money I dropped on her floor.
6) They stole and wore my accessories.
7) She and he stole from their friends, family and strangers.
8) He stole their virginity.
9) She stole their heart.
8) They stole from me.
9) I crushed their ego and stole their confidence. I betrayed her and stole her money when it came to paying off school and some personal items. This is how you become a sociopath without realizing it. If everyone can do it and get away with it, why can't the good girl who watches everyone do it, too?

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