Sunday, February 8, 2015

To Sleep or Not to Sleep Next to Someone?

Grey's Anatomy sleep talk:

Meredith: Not used to sleeping without her husband or best friend; who both moved to different cities (my break up of 2011).

Bailey: Doesn't like sleeping next to her husband because he snores and emits heat (lol). Since he works overnight, she can sleep peacefully (when me and my ex weren't getting along).

Dr. Shepherd: Misses someone being there but barely touching with an arm around her waist (barely feel this way now).

Dr. Pierce: Can't sleep with someone next to her. Had a boyfriend who tried to cuddle and snuggle but she lied awake. Would sneak off to the couch (ever since my break-up of last year and everyone else after that fell asleep before me and I lied awake bored).

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